Days Twenty Four Through Twenty Eight

Between work and some real-life stuff I've been pretty busy and have not had a chance to update things here.

I'll do one big post for the last few days as opposed to multiple posts.

January 24th

I woke up early to do a run in the morning today. I would like to make this the trend, unfortunately I do have to work early some mornings and that sort of disrupts my flow.


  • Miles: 5.61
  • Duration: 57:37
  • Pace: 10:17/mile
  • Calories: 1193
January 25th

I had the day off of work to assist with some personal stuff. I snuck in a run in the afternoon.


  • Miles: 3.27
  • Duration: 30:06
  • Pace: 9:12/mile
  • Calories: 706
January 26th

I did another day of "Body Beast" on Beachbody on Demand.

January 27th

I tried to use the Beachbody app but there were issues with it loading then it tried to get me to re-authenticate the device. I ended up jut doing my normal core exercises for extended periods of time.

January 28th

The Beachbody on Demand app was able to authenticate today. I ended up doing one of the "Body Beast" exercises in the morning before we went to Traverse City. Later in the evening I did the first day of 21 Day Fix Extreme. Just trying to change things up a little and get some different exercises in as opposed to running.