Day Twenty Two

Today was the last day of the ShakeO taste test. It was Vegan Tropical Strawberry. Overall it was not bad. The recipe I made was with Almond Milk though instead of OJ, which was the mistake. Had I made it with OJ it probably would have tasted better Lesson learned :)

I took it easy exercising today I ended up taking Bear for a two mile walk (screenshot below) and did my core exercises in the evening. I've been slowly working on upping my core work.

Below is the original core work I was doing with updated times of what I did today:

  • One Minute V-Sits - Up to 1m 15sec
  • One Minute of Crunches - Up to three minutes
  • One Minute Modified Bicycle - Up to 1m 15sec
  • One Minute Single Leg Glute Bridge (Per Leg (Alternating every 20 seconds)) - Same
  • One Minute Bird Dog - Up to two minutes
  • One Minute Plank - Up to two minutes
  • One Minute T-Stabilization - Up to 1m 30sec
  • One Minute Dead Bug - Up to 1m 15sec
  • 30 Pushups (x2) - Same
  • 20 Weighted Fly (x2) - Up to 40 (x2)

Overall I am just trying to improve on what I am already doing.

Since the ShakeO taste test is over, I went ahead and order a 30-day supply of Strawberry. I've also signed up for a all access pass for Beachbody so I can stream everything via our FireTV. I'm looking forward to a variety of workouts now!

Happy Sunday!!