Day Twenty Three

Day Twenty Three. Since I'm out of Shakeology (Strawberry is on the way!) I decided to at least have a fruit smoothie for breakfast. It didn't really tie me over though, I felt VERY hungry throughout the day.

I spoke with my coach Sarah some and she explained this was the missing nutrients that Shakeology had been providing. Luckily my mom has some Shakeology left over and she is willing to part with it so I'll be getting that Wednesday!

Today I did my core workout in the morning. I've been trying to improve on it. Below are the original times with what I actually did in bold:

  • One Minute V-Sits - 1m15s
  • One Minute of Crunches - 3m
  • One Minute Modified Bicycle - 1m15s
  • One Minute Single Leg Glute Bridge (Per Leg) - 1m15s
  • One Minute Bird Dog - 1m30s
  • One Minute Plank - 1m15s
  • One Minute T-Stabilization - 1m30s
  • One Minute Dead Bug - 1m30s
  • 30 Pushups (x2) - Done
  • 40 Weighted Fly (x2) - Done
  • 20 Weighted Squats (15lb) (x2) - Done
  • 20 Seated Fly (x3) - Done

I also installed the Beachbody On-Demand app on our FireTV. After looking over everything I decided to do "Body Beast - Chest and Tris".

I only had one set of weights, if I had another it would have been a better workut. I may also need to pick up an Exercise Ball to help with some of the exercises.

Thinking about going for a run tomorrow, we'll see how the weather looks though! :)