Day Nine

Back to running today! It was a pretty long day at work but I finally resolved an issue with Docker that was causing me grief last week. All day I was looking forward to going running and luckily enough the weather cleared up just in time.

Running was OK today but the poor road conditions (two days of car driving on the snow without being plowed) lead to sand-like mush on the roads. This made it pretty hard to run in and my back was bothering me some from the core work (I've always had a weaker back).

Overall I did pretty well though and I'm happy with the results.

I sent one record according to Runkeeper:

  • Longest Duration: 1:11:11

Below are the screenshots from the app

I also wrote a small python script to resize the images so they are not so large. They look fine on a QHD+ screen (like my laptop) but might look weird on other screens. I'll use the resized image going forward.

Below is the python script:

from PIL import Image  
import time  
import glob  
import os

date = time.strftime("%m-%d-%Y")  
directory = '/home/travis/Downloads/'  
path = date + '-runkeeper*'

imgList = glob.glob(path)  
for img in imgList:  
  im =
  width, height = im.size
  wsize = width / 3
  hsize = height / 3

  im = im.resize((wsize, hsize), Image.BILINEAR), 'resized-' + img))

I need to add syntax highlighting to Ghost :)