Day Eight

I spent more time doing various core exercises and working on my upper body. Mostly this was just experimenting to figure out what I wanted to do so I have a daily plan and not guessing what to do each day.

Below is an outline of what I am planning on doing to start. It will definitely change over time. It's not meant to be set in stone, only as a guide for me to begin with and as I advance I will change/add different exercises.

  • One Minute V-Sits
  • One Minute of Crunches
  • One Minute Modified Bicycle
  • One Minute Single Leg Glute Bridge (Per Leg (Alternating every 20 seconds))
  • One Minute Bird Dog
  • One Minute Plank
  • One Minute T-Stabilization
  • One Minute Dead Bug
  • 30 Pushups (x2)
  • 20 Weighted Fly (x2)