Photo Assignment

Other than my daily photos I’ve decided to start taking photos of signs within a few miles of our Apartment.  This came up after reading an article on Scott Bourne’s Blog.  In his entry he listed three different ideas of photo assignments and I decided to go with the second one:

Assignment #2:

Photograph signs within 10 miles of your home. These can be old or new signs of any type. Build a folder full of these signs and then repeat the exercise yearly to see how the commercial landscape around your home changes over time.

I’ve started somewhat slowly on this but I have started.  There really is not a wealth of billboards and advertisement-type signs in the area where I live or where I walk Bear.  10 Miles does give some decent coverage over Lansing though.  Some day (when it is a little warmer) I will probably take Bear on a longer walk towards MSU.  It was a little chilly this morning to go very far (stupid snow and ice!).

Either way, as I post the photos they will be located in my photo archive.  Still working on completing that as well :)

  1. Neat! Looking forward to it.

    I have a project in mind (long-term) that will be photographing old barns, out-buildings and farm equipment around the county. It’s going to require permission from the land-holders, though, so it’s a bit of work and coordination.

    • I was actually looking for something like this as well. I know there are a lot of old and abandoned barns up North. I may have an easier time getting permission up there than I would down here :)

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